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Nile Dweller Journal Entry


Dear Diary,

        My name is Andy, I am a Nile dweller, and I love animals and farming. I also love nature, it’s good for breathing. My father thinks I should make tools and stay inside but I always say, nature is my home. He is really mad at me so I got kicked out of the house so now I have to build my own house out of mud bricks. I have decided to build my house next to the Nile for the rich silt that is deposited from the Nile since it will be good for farming. I am scared because the Nile will flood any day and I can tell that the water is getting higher. So I need to start building.

        I’m really mad at King Menes. He has made Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt all one. I am from Lower Egypt. Well technically I am from Upper Egypt but I moved when I was kicked out of my family’s house. The next day the flood happened and I didn’t know what to do.  I am freaking out so I am going to go over to my neighbors house. He was really nice and taught me how to build shaduf so that when the dry air came back I would have a way to water my crops. I also learned from my neighbor that sheep and oxen can really help with the farming. The bees that I own make a lot of honey making my food the best it can be. I usually grow the major crops such as: wheat, barley, grapes, cucumbers, lettuce, onions and figs. 




Image credit: Evening River, Nile by Rod Waddington under Creative Commons BY SA 2.0

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